Roman Dinner


All Italian food is regional: dishes from Friuli and Sicily often look and taste like they’re from different countries.

Rome, the imperial capital of the Italian Peninsula, has a distinct food lexicon all its own. From its millennia-old street food culture of suppli and porchetta to pastas flavored with Cacio di Roma, the Eternal City has produced some of our most-beloved Italian imports.

Join us to taste the greatest hits of Roman cooking paired with white and red house wines.

Roman Dinner
Tuesday, April 11th at 7PM


Vino della Casa

1st course
Artichokes alla Giudia
Pizza al Taglio
Lamb Arrosticini
Romanesco al Forno
Cicoria in Agrodolce 

2nd course
Pasta Aglio e Olio with Spring Verdure
Rigatoni Amatriciana

3rd course
Porchetta with Wild Rapini and Chili

4th course
Torta al Bomboloni
Babbo Limoncello

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